Personal Health Programme

Upon your initial inquiry, you will be invited to briefly discuss your health problem so that the appropriate forms are sent to you including a 7 day Diet-Diary. These are then returned for analysis prior to your appointment.

At the initial appointment you will receive nutritional advice and support specific to your individual needs. There are no two people alike so there are no two Personal Health Programmes the same

  • The first consultation lasts 1 to 1.5 hrs so that there is adequate time for question and for options to be explained
  • A detailed case history will be taken
  • By the end of the consultation you will have your own nutrition programme tailored to your specific needs which could include advice on diet, supplements, life-style changes and biomedical tests
  • Progress is monitored monthly with follow up consultations and your needs adjusted as necessary
  • Advise may be given on appropriate supplement levels
  • All test options will be explained to you for you to make informed choices
  • You will be provided with personal support and follow-up sessions throughout.

The individual should then be able to follow the suggested recommendations with the full support of the clinic

Optimum Nutrition can help you take responsibility for your own health.

For Diet Diary and Health Questionnaire please click on item to Download.