Weight Problems

questionmarkWeight problems are generally regarded as those which include a programme for weight loss. However, at Family Nutrition we see both overweight and underweight patients.
In either of these two cases, the patients’ completed a questionnaire and 7 day diet diary both of which are carefully examined and the way forward, especially with the diet, is discussed at great length.
At the same time, if there are any other health issues, these would also be addressed and the dietary advice would be tailored towards it.I understand that when a patient tells me that they want to lose weight, what they really mean is that they want to lose the fat that they are carrying around with them.

I have developed a programme that is easy to follow which burns off fat. It is simple. Both adults as well as children can benefit from it and the results are as good as the effort that is put into it. The best thing about my programme is that it bring the patient back to eating a very healthy diet.

Once the fat if off, and patients have rekindled their relationship with normal, unprocessed foods, they would be able carry their programme into their new way of healthy eating, adapting as they need to.

The programme for those patients who cannot put weight on also requires information about their diet, lifestyle and general health. There may be a requirement for some laboratory tests to determine gut and digestion status. This in turn would give the information needed to guide a dietary programme and some nutritional supplementation.

Both the need to gain weight and to lose weight re an indication that something is amiss and needs to be addressed.